Five Must-Have Pieces of PR Content for the Modern Marketer

If you are using press releases-and no other forms of PR content-in your marketing strategy, you are missing out on the benefits other types of PR content can deliver. While press releases are still an effective form of sharing news, PR has evolved and so should your approach.

Unlike traditional PR that focuses on generating media exposure for an individual, brand, product or event, modern PR strives to build mutually beneficial relationships and deliver value to target audiences. When done right, PR can boost brand awareness and improve your company’s image-all while demonstrating thought leadership, building trust, enhancing credibility, generating leads, converting prospects into customers and improving SEO.

Essential PR Content

When thinking about PR, press releases are typically the first (or only) form of content that comes to mind. But this is just the starting point. Here are some additional forms of PR content that can maximize your marketing strategy by positioning you as a credible thought leader in your industry:

1. Press Mentions

Just as the name implies, press mentions are earned media that are mentions of you or your company in the media. This could mean a journalist quotes you as an expert source in an article or an author of an article or blog uses your company as an example to illustrate their point. Press mentions can help brands build credibility and trustworthiness with target audiences.

2. Informational Interviews

Journalists and authors often seek out experts to interview as part of their research about a potential topic. While informational interviews may not always result in an immediate press mention, it is an effective tactic for building relationships with journalists, contributors and editors who will turn to you in the future to provide expert advice.

3. Bylined articles

Bylined articles are in-depth content that highlights a particular person, company or newsworthy topic. This type of PR positions your thought leadership in front of highly targeted audiences. Print and digital trade publications are a trusted source of information. Not every publication accepts content from outside contributors, but those that do offer excellent opportunities for PR.

4. Webinars

Webinars are an effective PR medium for sharing information that helps participants learn how to solve challenges, tackle pressing business issues, and achieve better outcomes. Webinars reach new and targeted audiences, telling a story that goes beyond sound bites and press mentions.

5. Podcasts

Podcasts continue to rise in popularity with the number of listeners expected to surpass 160 million in 2023. Unlike interviews for digital or print publications, podcasts give listeners the opportunity to get to know you by hearing you talk in your own voice using your own words. By being a guest on a podcast, brands and thought leaders share expertise, increase visibility, enhance credibility and connect with new audiences. Podcasts also offer link-building opportunities, boost SEO rankings, support lead generation.

The Sweet Success of Press

Whether you want to build brand awareness, thought leadership, lead generation or SEO, there’s a PR tactic that will help you achieve your goals. Content marketing and PR efforts often go hand-in-hand. While content marketing is essential for building online visibility and engagement with target audiences, PR can take its mission one step further by encouraging journalists and writers to share your messages. A modern PR strategy amplifies marketing content and helps brands reach new, broader audiences. When content marketing and PR initiatives work together, they create consistent messaging, elevate a brand’s presence and take awareness to the next level.

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Gerri Knilans

Marketing communications strategist. The right message. The right medium. Guaranteed.